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Bathroom ideas

A touch different

This bathroom idea impresses in all sorts of ways. Starting with look: the restrained laminate front in grey harmonises perfectly with the washstand top and panel shelf in mocha ash. Anti-fingerprint finish makes cleaning particularly easy. In spite of only a few items of furniture, there is not compromising on functionality either.

Reasons to love this bath:

Plus Platingrau

Pure harmony

A perfectly coordinated team: handle trims in stainless steel look with fronts in timeless platinum grey, plus mocha ash.

Plus Platingrau

The round on the square

Its shape alone makes the round mineral-cast washbasin a real eye-catcher.

Plus Platingrau

Cleverly hidden

Nothing to tip over, nothing to rock about: the practical laundry basket simply vanishes into the additional cabinet.

Plus Platingrau

Well organised

There’s also an organised place here for utensils.